Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cape cod was a popular drink and it still is...

So we are in our beach house mansion for a day or two and shit is sweet. Dom's parents took us to a brazillian grille and we ate like kings. LIKE KINGS! If you follow my blog you will remember when my coworker took me to fogo de chao and I was so full. Well it was that all over again but this time I was ready for it. Shit was amazing all over again yo.

Afterwards we rode around only to discover that cape cod is kinda dead in terms of nightlife. Outside of the local jazz bar and some other spot there is nothing to do. So we came home and watched hi fidelity. Its a big ass two story crib and since its in the process of being renovated its very sparsely furnished. That's not so bad but at 3am in the middle of the pitch dark woods that shit is terrifying. We completely demolished our street cred by moving all the matresses into
the largest room and deciding to crash together. Fuck that yo, fuck that.

so as much as we were excited about the beach house and cape cod, shits just kinda scarey and boring for now.


The omnipresent ralph

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i-jakey said...

mannn, i know exactly what you're talking about with being scared out in the middle of the woods out here. I moved out to the mass area from the westcoast a couple years ago and I wased freaked out by the silence and the trees at night. I was used to street lights, dogs barking, and police sirens. But i've gotten used to it. You probably wont be staying out here long enough, but dont worry, you guys will be safe sleeping in your own rooms.