Tuesday, August 22, 2006

NoHomo De Chao
Okay its actually called Fogo De Chao but its basically a restaraunt where they bring big ass spits w/ fresh off the grill meat around to your table and slice it off as you watch. they give you these lil cards and one side is green, the other is red. want more meat turn it to green and niggas will swarm your table with 1 of 15 different kinds of meat. The shit is insanity. i mean they had salad bars and sides but who goes there for that shit? son... they had bacon wrapped fillet mignon... seriously what more could you ask for out of life? well you could ask that it be comped and guess what... it was.
im so fucking full right now that i could pop. thats all i wanted to tell you guys today. im gonna go back to doing work now

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