Thursday, August 24, 2006

its unraveling... and for once i dont care. well i still get a lil spazzish when my rap career is mentioned in the workplace but with my announcement of going on tour, them hiring a new guy and my video being on mtv jams now im officially exposed.

i dont know, i have always been weird about talking about my music career (damn... i can use the word music and career in the same sentence, wow) and even to this day i still am. i mean if i meet a person while im doing something musically related its not that big of a deal. but like when ppl who met you in a totally different frame of reference bring it up in conversations it gets kinda strange to me lol. like music becomes that child who you love dearly and dont want nobody to talk bad about but you know he been messin up so you just kinda dont want to discuss him outside of letting the person on the other end of the conversation make their point. thats a weird analogy but its a weird feeling.

at anyrate its just weird. random ppl in the office building have been comin over to holler at me like 'i hear you are leaving, for a tour?' *awkward silence* i mean i cant come up outta my zone and be like 'yeah son im up out this bitch' i still gotta keep that game face so i get all 'yeah my group is leaving' then the typicaly what do you do and when i say im a vocalist i always get the same look 'huh?' i guess i could say im an mc but i dont know, vocalist just sounds better when you are introducing someone you already have met to you in a nother frame of reference. i guess its like finding out a coworker is stripping on the weekends. its literally like finding out somebody is living a totally different life that they just dont discuss.


at anyrate... i have an upper respiratory infection now... :(

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Angie said...

Keep your head up! I am sure this new transition is "weird"...but wow, you're going on tour! You'll defintely make your mark and have something to look back on later in life.....Oh the Places You'll Go! (c) Dr. Suess. Shoot, people that trip when you say you're a vocalist/emcee, must be WACK! :)