Monday, July 10, 2006


So I went to this dope ass white linen kinda party this weekend. I looked rather smashing in the seersucker/adicolor combo I might add. My entourage (suuuuperfllyyyychiiiiiiick) was on point too. I had a really good time and that made me think that its not the good times that count but the periods of life in between em. Sorta like how all the public sees is the stage show, video, song on the radio, etc. But they will never understand the 'work' or how it can be hard.

This morning I fought a cave cricket* w/ a bottle of raid and a broom. I won. I hate bugs. Hate. Like I mean hate. I will never get another basement apt in life. Ever. I don't want a basement in my house. I will build it on stilts to keep the bugs out. For real. Now I think I poisoned myself because I don't feel so good. My floor is slick with all of the raid I sprayed on it. I hope I didn't contaminate my food.

I don't really want to go back to work. I just want to go on tour and be done with it all. I will figure out the financial shit later. I got endless support f family and friends, money is secondary and this will all work out. Can I claim bankruptcy? I mean I am actually pretty broke. Regardless I just don't feel like working at all. I want to do music. I feel like I'm cheatin myself outta some really good material.

My granma has to have surgery on tuesday. I don't want to talk about it. I think I had a dr's appt today but I didn't remember what time it was for or want to go so I skipped it. Ill cal from work to reschedule.

Okay, I'm gone.


that is a cave cricket, i know what they are because when i lived in north carolina i came across them and one time had a fight with one while i was naked in the shower. thats a whole nother story tho, but ill tell it if you wanna hear it. lol

*shivers in me timbers*


tia said...

what the hell is a cave cricket? and how do you know?

The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

i posted a picture of the beast. you should sign on aim during the day, im always there... always

Cheryl said...

all I had to do was scroll down and see the pic.

We call them Spider Crickets here (here being Virginia).

In my old apartment, I swear to gosh I had battles with them. They can get SO huge. I KNOW they were having battle seminars and shit under my stove or something. I'd go to kill one and they would get smarter and smarter each time. In their meetings they would discuss my strengths and weaknesses when I killed a comrade.

Even worse, I would tell people about the battles, so I'm sure they thought I was crazy. Luckily I moved and I don't have to deal with the spider crickets here.

A word of warning tho, they are like moths and will put holes in your cotton clothing.