Monday, June 19, 2006

Its where ya dream is right? It's where the cream is, well aint it? (C) sean carter

First off I had a dope weekend (for the most part)

I got of work early on friday and trooped down to georgetown with the homie and did a little 'visiting' (aka window shoppin) which was cool just for the fact that the weather was nice and I had a lil expendable cash... Aint buy nathan tho. After that me and bliss went to see nacho libre. Funnier than napoleon dynamite but still had a heavy lull in hilarity like 3/4ths thru the movie

saturday we rolled out to the baltimore harbor and chilled then caught erykah badu. I'd never seen her live so I was thoroughly impressed, I hollered @ eric roberson too. For what its worth son is hustleman and I respect his grind.

Another interesting note about saturday is that I fielded several calls regarding tanya morgan, one of them regarding a 42 city tour from sept 13 - october 30. I'm fairly certain we are gonna go but you know how these things go, you never know lol. But the itenerary looks good we would literally hit almost all 50 states. By the end of this week I should know what's up.

Good news huh? Yeah... It leaves a lot unanswered over here tho. don't trip like a nigga aint excited, I just gotta figure out what to do with 3 key issues: apartment, property and job.

Apartment: lease is up in nov, should I terminate early and save that 2 or 3 g's towards maybe not having a job as money to live off of?

Property: I aint got much but I got some stuff, clothes shoes and cds. Where do I stash that upon not having a crib?

Job: 1.5 months of time off? Lol... We'll see. I aint tripin off of that tho, I just hate quitting and need to tell them something early, prolly be issuing a statement next week.

Honestly I think imma have to temporarily go back to cincinnati. *sigh*
at least I can go back.

ENOUGH (c) slick rick

I'm out. Got a lot of life to handle today, wish me luck. In closing, look at these air trainer II's (or maybe III's who knows) they fit but they kinda hurt my foot. Definitely not the most comfortable cop I've made but for 20 dollars, ill deal with it.

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i-jakey said...

your shoe pick ups and the prices you're getting on them are making me jealous.

hmmm, you could put all your property into self storage. judging from the stuff you have in your apt from the donwill crib tour, you could probably fit everything into a space that'll cost about 100 bucks a month.

ah well, i dont know much about the other stuff like your job and living arrangements, but good luck with whatever you choose to do. Peace!