Monday, May 22, 2006

so remember how much i loved this job like the shiny new toy it was?

well i think it has worn off. i mean it was bound to happen but yeah i think the thrill is officially gone. why? because im a rapper damnit! nothing has changed about the gig it has actually gotten better, but its not my calling. maybe its the fact that a tour is visibly looming in the future, maybe its the conversation i had last night with other artists, maybe its the fact that the gig and our june 13th dc performance are crazily conflicting dates and neither one is negotiable so i have to be in two places at once or maybe im just tired of being tired of living a double life. bills gotta get paid but its gotta be an easier way and that way is music.

enough griping about it tho...

this is the only place i get internet right now so it aint THAT bad lol. in other news i did a little shopping this weekend. i had to buy a new pair of jeans to replace the new pair of jeans i just bought. i called myself trying out levi for and their sizing got me twisted. son my shit was snug like busta rhymes joints be.

cant have that (c) havoc

so i troooped on down to the gap and got some real jeans. them left weave things (why do they try and market intricate manufacturing processes as fashion trends?) i didnt go recop the air 180's i been debating about. i mean they only 30 dollars. i may do it. but i just dont really want them that bad so wahst the point of buying just to buy?

okay my coworkers are getting here. time to do some work.

(and since i now know HNZ on DESIGNS is reading what fun would this blog be without a cryptic message included)

oh yeah and im dying to hear this collaboration between tanya morgan and a justus league heavy hitter. i am hearing 3 out of 4 verses are recorded and based on the beat its gonna be a banger.

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tia said...

i bought some new sneakers today. but they weren't $30.