Friday, May 19, 2006

Live from the bus stop...

And I'm runnin late because I missed the 8:11 jawnt. So now I gotta wait til 8:34 to get my public transportation on.

(As soon as I typed that a bus pulled up 10 min early... Hov! But we just sittin here until its time to go)

So yeah after debating front or back and settling on the midrear right in front of the back exit (can't rock w/ the seats facing the windows either, too much slide action on them turns) I can now address the topic I decided to type on.

So tanya morgan went and landed themselves a tour. Sometime this sumer we will be on the road with dave ghetto, el da sensei and kev brown. If you know your shit that's a dope ass line up. And I'm hearin rumblins about a european tour this is about the 3rd time I've been sold that dream so I won't speak on that. Not to mention I'm hearin that bet likes the video but wants another edit. That probably means it won't air in all honesty but hey half of this music shit is blind faith so somebody gonna show it right? Not to mention japan (where I have never been) has moved all 800 units they ordered. Well they have placed a second order so if they haven't sold em that means they are hoarding them, shit that's all right wit me too lol.

So with all this good raplife news you'd think I was floating right? Erm... Kinda. But I mean I have to break this news about a tour to my job and more importantly I have to pay rent and a car note. In case you didn't know I'm not ballin @ all lol. So I'm gonna jeapordize this amazing job to chase my amazing dream. Crazy? Insane? Neither, just passionate. I mean this is what I've been priming my life for, preparing my girl for and primping my family for. Push comes to shove I can always go home if my gig don't wanna support a starving artist.

(My ipod just shuffled some song about quitting your job to dreamchase haha)

I mean the dc show almost had to be cancelled thanks to this dream job, miscommunication and conflicting dates but the show must go on. But that opened my eyes to the fact that a job is still a job if it aint your lifes work. So all I can do is stack cake for later so I can have it and eat it too.

The moral to the story is do what you love and love what you do, regret nothing and enjoy everything, embrace the hardship as much as the smooth sailing and above all get money nigga.

Oh well... t.g.I.f. I guess. I got a lot to get done today too but I will be seeing the da vinci code so I'm happy.

Holla like ya know me nigga (c) black milk

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The Write Brother said...

I'm excited about the HHNH tour... I just wish I was on it with y'all.
Regardless, I really hope you understand just how proud a cracka is of y'all mooga foogas.
Next album, I'm on it... (crosses fingers)