Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i wonder how many people read this blog...

seems like i find out about a new one everyday. i would direct my mom and sister nem to it but i dont know if i want them to read this lol. i think im a little crazy. that said on to the topic: Public Transportation

i can only speak on public transpo here but i can imagine its the same everywhere kinda. well every morning when i catch the bus roughly 80% of the ppl i see on the bus are there everyday. well the graying butch woman was absent today but im sure she was just on an earlier bus. at anyrate its weird cus now that im familiar w/ the faces i am getting really nosy. tryna peep they badges, see what books they read, hear their cell phone conversations. yes im a mess.

well today i tried a social experiment. see typically i just sit in the dual seat next to the window and let the luck of the draw decide who gets the aisle. i mean ive had a mixed bag. old ladies, young men, one gay guy who i felt was staring at me and it really bothered me cus if i was sittin next to a fine young lady i wouldnt stare, DAMN NIGGA CAN I LIVE!?!? but the mainstay is this overweight youngish black lady who has a round pink walkman and looks like she has a real juicy mouth (the kinda mouth that stays partly open and the tongue peeks out, yeah juicy. not in the good way that some of you gutterbrains would imagine) she loves to spot me and sit next to me and just smoosh me for the duration of our trip. also on her stop is a young slender woman who talks on her phone incessantly about what i dont know, im never close enough to hear it. but i am DYING to know. so i was gonna get her to sit by me. she has hair like a hairdresser. you know kinda stylish but not really done like she aint got time to do her shit, just yours if you payin. she is cutish but thats aside the point (THE STREETS IS WATCHIN... HAYBOOOO!)

so today i played a little game. i sat in the aisle seat and left the window seat open. for a good portion of the ride. ppl was gettin on lookin at my empty seat and id stare em down. they prolly think im an asshole cus i was not budgin. if somebody asked idda scooted over but i was gonna evade the juicy mouth lady. we pulled up to her her stop and i see she is not there. okay so i open the seat up thinking the talker will sit down. WRONG... WRONG (c) chalie murphaay. maaan she took all long finding her smarttrip card and taht made her the last of the passengers and some old lady sat next to me. she got on (on her phone as usual) walked over to my area looked at the old lady settling in and broke to the back of the bus. i had her yo... i was gonna get to hear some conversation but i lost. she never goes to the back of the bus. she will stand by the driver if anything. i had her. my plan almost worked. i just wish i woulda held my seat longer. but i aint wanna be an asshole so whatever.

i personally think i put too much time and energy into shit like that that doesnt really matter but thrills me to death. haha.

on my to discuss list: the public restroom and the elevator

yall have fun imma go do some work

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