Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Adidas is winning yo...

Maaaan listen... $31.45!

Hagerstown is heaven. I wanted to stop @ the adidas store just for kicks (pun intended) cus I had seen these on the clearance rack months ago but they was like a size 7. Well lookitwhatifount! In a nifty little 8.5. Still a half size to small but you for that price and how much imma wear em, its worth it (my navy and teal 180s say otherwise tho, when will I learn)

Yeah man they had some other ill joints for 30 I wanted. Like metallic sky blue mid joints. I will be tryna make it back on sunday when we drivin back. My girl bitched me out about this cop, imagine if idda ran back to the car with 2 pair. Lol.

I'd like to thank uncle sam for that income tax check today too. Without you this wouldn't have been feasible, idda done it anyway tho. Lol...

I aint even go in the nike store... I feel dirty. Damn you adidas... Damn you for being so sexy.

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RedHotMama said...

yo' double-posting ass.
you have an addiction.