Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Since i work in the teachers lounge the microwave is in my office. There is one teacher in particular who brings in his lunch everyday. He is a good dude, one of them old young cats who is 29 but looks and acts 45.

At anyrate he ALWAYS brings some thing from home and typically leaves me in here with the smell. The following hour and a half usually consists of random people stopping by to ask me if i enjoyed my lunch or if that smell is me. its like somebody farting in your room and then people just coming behind them like 'eww man you stink' its just kinda irritating

well today he brung in chili and funked up my office. i dont really like chili so the smell was kinda overwhelming. well he rolls over to my desk to shoot the shit as his leftovers heat up. son walked over and started talking and as he was saying some word with a P at the beginning he shot this huge chunk of oyster cracker onto my desk. it was so big that you could hear it land.

so im sittin here looking at him and im ignoring this projectile he just launched at me thinking like 'okay he gonna say something to acknowledge that, he gotta' this dude just smooth walked to the other side of the room. got his food and bounced leaving me with this big ass hunk of shit on my freshly printed paper and the powerful stench of chili

man i am salty, seein that shit made my stomach kinda turn and now i aint even hungry no more. not to mention some lady burned a bag of popcorn to holy high hell in here the other day and the smell from THAT shit is still lingering. so now it smells like chili with a side of burnt popcorn

my life...

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