Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I got a letter bout my interview, the other day...

I opened and read it it said I was hired!
(Co-opted from black steel in the hour of chaos)

so yesterday right im on my way to the doctor and i get a call from *drumroll* the dream job. they wanted me to speak with another person that i didnt get the chance to meet during my second interview. and she also alluded to the fact that i was in strong standing for the position.

so the me and the lady chop it up for about 30 or so minutes and then i go to the doctor. after sticking a thin metal 'telescope' about 3.5 inches into my nasal cavity then prescribed me some expensive ass medicines and told me that i may need some corrective surgery. nigga that shit cost me 55 dollars and my account was already overdrawn by .05 cents. how odd is that?

later on that day (c) snoop dizzle i was hollerin at my moms and she was tellin me about how my dads cancer came back, how she needs surgery on both her hands for carpal tunnel, how my youngest neice goes into surgery for her hernia and how my younger cousin is pretty much goin to jail or rehab.

literally as all of this news is being told to me i got the job offer via my sidekick. i stopped my mom like 'I GOT THE JOB' we celebrated via the phone and then i got off the phone with her to tell anybody i could the good news. i went in there interviewing to be the office assitant and walked away from the interview as the events manager. basically i will be helping them put on their events, workin closely w/ the events coordinators and all of their contacts. that my friend is whats up.

ffwd to today. i just got off the phone with my new job. we decided on a start date of may the 1st, a month away. why you ask? because they have someone on staff who is temporarily filling my position and they guaranteed her employment til may 15th. no sweat off my back. ill just continue here and take my week paid spring break from the 10th to the 17th. and aint nothin wrong with that. i will be tendering my resignation bright and early after spring break.

so here we go again. the countdown begins... tic, toc. it would be awesome if we could squeeze a tour in to april cus then i could quit my job guilt free, pay my bills via tax return and start my new job. OW (c) larry blackmon. but we all know life dont go how you plan it. whatever tho, im floating right now son.

in rapper news we have the tanya morgan album release party jumpin off in nyc on april 6th from 7 to 10 at an undisclosed location, details as they come. also moonlighting is available via itunes and i have the full retail cd version at home. its a beautiful thing. and as much as im against promising my tax return money, im coppin an ipod asap. period. (that was kinda rap related)

the picture... thats from my spiderman party. i was roughly 4 or 5 years old. we had 2 cakes, one for me and one for my guests and you could not tell me i wasnt spiderman. just felt like sharin it with yall.

you gotta love it...

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tia said...

told you. congratulations!