Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Murder ink...

Tattoo's truely are addictive. Because I haven't had this one for more than a week and already I'm thinking about my next two.

I want a full forearm joint (some kinda broken grafitti arrow) and one on my hand. The thumb index webbing (I'm thinking a dot the size of a silver dollar... Just cuz)

The one on my arm says 7D6 cus I was born in 76. And although I'm kinda old I'm not old. I mean I remember the time before cellphones and gaming systems but I'm not old.

At least I don't feel old... Regardless to what them kids @ work say

PS - Pbs is tryna sell the julia childs show on dvd. 'The french chef' she looks like jay leno in drag. Her chin is HUUGE. I need cable cus this just aint cuttin it. And I'm watchin it like its the sopranos...

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Cheryl said...

Tattoos are very addicting, I guess that is why I have 11 and working on my twelfth. Is that how you spell twelfth? fuck it - 12th.

Nice tattoo, btw.