Thursday, March 16, 2006

lets talk about my coworkers...

like there is this one grungy ass white teacher who is always comin down usin my office to make copies in because the copier on his floor is password protected and he aint tryin to go over his limit. son gets on my fucking nerves man. i mean for one he is always extra (EXTRA) wrinkled and unkempt. the visual is crazy. i mean yeah i aint took my shirts/pants to the cleaners in a WHILE but it doesnt look like i ball my joints up after work and use them for a pillow. this dude is grimy man. the cat rifles around in the fridge lookin for other ppls food he can eat... im dead ass serious. then smiles at me like the shit is cute. he look like the kinda dude who got one of them non housebroken pets that piss/shit on everything. im willing to wager a cat. cus cat piss seems worse than dog piss in my mind (dont ask why)

now keep in mind that my office is ALSO the teacher lounge area... very high traffic, extremely distracting, very annoying. (like this dude is in here eating boiled eggs as i speak... FONKY, UNMISTAKEABLY SO!)

and he loves to sit right in front of my desk, lean his big ass head into the side of the chair and go to sleep. take these lil naps. man i hate his guts. but only from the hours of 8 til 4. he prolly is a cool dude to take shots or bum smokes off of.

okay i can see my boss coming up the hall. gotta go for now.

NEXT: new teacher...

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emeeul said...

pet teacher?