Friday, April 04, 2008

Tanya in Toronto with the Roots

photo by chris lindhurst

so i just kinda glossed over the fact that we did toronto with the roots huh? well between traveling, soundchecking, performing and running all over the place blogging it out kinda flew right by me. in a nutshell the shit was DOPE... severly ill. as you can gleen from the photos the house was PACKED and the bug shit was that they was rockin with us the whole way. even copped some merch to boot. it was definitely a good time man and i think we showed and proved...

we gotta get back up there tho for real. not only for the new nad old fans but to holler at jesse, l'oquenz, zaki, mensa, shadi, safia, claudine, nehal, shit... the whole crew man. we get held the fuck DOWN in the and its definitely appreciated. so lets link some shit up ppls... PLEASE

at anyrate im back in nyc right now and im STARVING for food and a drink. boston was dope and the good people at society original clothing and my man nu over at puma dropped by and showed BIG love. we rocked the house and hopefully ill have some pics of that soon. my mic kept shorting out but i handled it like a pro, shit at one point during the last song the whole sound rig gave out, speakers and all. what did i do? shouted it acapella at the crowd til the music came back. and didnt even lose my voice... shit was fun

keepin it all the way trill with yall man being on tour is a very demanding thing. especially when you are doing as much as we do just to stay afloat but to anybody that has opened up their doors for us to sleep, wallets for us to eat, or mouths to spread the word or sing along we dont forget. it means alot and honestly you are as crucial to this thing we got goin. id love to keep elaborating but ill save the emo bloggin for when im not supposed to be getting dressed and getting out the house.

enjoy your weekends ppl...


ill be back lol


Angie said...


amanda said...

shouting it acapella @ the crowd?
Nice save.
Sorry I missed it. And every other show.

lol @ pea spam.

Exex said...

Dope! Glad you finally put up some pictures. P.S. You look skinny, Don.

Sandy said...

Me likey the pictures.

Told you you looked slimmer DW.

UltraMag said...

Glad that you acknowledge this for the BIG deal that this is! (you know what I mean)

April 10th, mannnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Two words.

Mosh Pit

Eat some vegetables!

Peezy said...
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