Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tanya Morgan @ BoomBox Radio

click the picture to listen

well it wasn't really tanya morgan, more like von and don on behalf of tanya morgan. regardless we showed up and played like 3 new joints off the mixtape (EXCLUSIVE-SIVE-SIVE (c) EVR) we also freestyled a bit which was fun(ny) as hell...

if you aint doing nothing else give it a shot... tune in and check it out.


36 minute mark - segment begins (cot damn i talk fast)
41 minute mark - how low/von sees
47 minute mark - talk segment 2
55 minute mark - shake it off (ft torae & kam moye)
1 hour mark - talk segment 3
1 hour 15 minute mark - bout to be some/golden
1 hour 22 minute mark - the infamous 'freestyle' portion


Angie said...

Listened! I LOVE the song with Kam & Torae. :)

Peezy said...