Sunday, March 02, 2008


click the picture for the full set

so i went and got sweded, kinda. then i went to a dope house party in bk, kinda. wanna see the photos of me being sweded click the picture. wanna see me drunk and talking about how i have a newfound limp? click the first clip in the 'dondub's videoblog' box.

the sweded photos are thanks to gondry's deitch exhibit. i swear he was there and i was just too much of a shook fan to say what up. i need to gather 15 people to go swede a movie. who's down? the limp is thanks to kelle breaking my foot on labor/memorial* day. i guess them stan smiths just makes that bad foot act up. man im gettin old :/

*i get those two days mixed up. dont know when which happens. aint they like the same thing anyway?

im going to bed... i think.


UltraMag said...

"You can fit in a fridge, but you could still git it!" - Me, less than 12 hours after meeting you**, LOL

Thanks for being the bread in my Donwill/(missing) Pea sandwich!

*emailing pics*

*U-Mag cannot be held responsible for any drunken acts committed at the aforementioned bk house party, including brazen "cbox lurker" confessions, and proclamations of refusal to leave the party unless she is photographed in a DW/VP sandwich.

Thank you, and good day.

UltraMag Management

Angie said...

And yet. You still are a fool. ;)

Angie said...

And yet. You still are a fool. ;)

Anonymous said...


looks like you had fun.

Sorry your right foot is defective. You might need to swap feet out.

Who took the pictures


exex said...

Stirrups=classic! You' be a perfect OBGYN patient. What is Sweded?

Canela_NYC said...

I'm def down for the Swede!

Can we do Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children??!!!!!


Canela_NYC said...

And I think it's Adidas. I LOVE my Galaxy Sleeks but if I walk in them too much, my right pinky toe starts KILLING me! Real talk...

sari said...

this first pic reminded me of this:

when cherrie gets stuck in the fridge when playing hide and go seek with punky

was that the scene you were trying to recreate? awesome!

Sandy said...

sari got it.

ms. swifty said...

i submitted my info to secure a reservation. i'll keep you posted.