Friday, March 14, 2008

Fly Guys (feat Jawaad) & Tanya Morgan (feat a few ppl)

Kay & Donwill are The Fly Guys

i think the more i talk about all of the projects that i am working on the more confused i make you guys. its in my nature to pick things up and put them down, im a gemini. while im not going to list all of the groups/projects that are in the works i think this song does deserve some backstory.

Me and kay have been working together since sometime around 2004. We did a few jams together and while they would remain unreleased an undeniable chemistry was there. We forged a friendship around 2005 and decided to work on a group project last year. We probably wont formally get to work until Tanya Morgan is done campaigning.

Kay & Donwill - Winter in America featuring Jawaad
Kay & Donwill - Fly Guys with Glasses

and incase you havent noticed yet:

good lookin out scott man, for REAL...

The Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group mixtape drops on March 18th and the tour starts on March 2oth. If you are wondering if we are going to stop in your city check the myspace page. The tourdates are listed very visibly. If you are wondering why i havent been in the blog as much its because I have a VERY heavy hand in setting up all of the above.

Ill be back one day, cbox and all... just not today

Tanya Morgan - Four Men (featuring Kay)
Tanya Morgan - Shake it Off (featuring Supastition & Torae)
Tanya Morgan - You Should Know (featuring Naledge)

(oh shit... and shout out to eskay, shake & mekka, and frankie for the look. it is much appreciated)


Angie said...

Say Word. C'mooooon March 18th!

Donald Williams said...

thats 5 songs....


man got damnit niggas

lemme shutup

bananaclipse(3.0) said...

No LA show...I'm killin myself

bananaclipse(3.0) said...

No LA show...I'm killin myself

Angie said...

THANKS FOR THE 5 SONGS, DONWILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thatdudedave said...

free music fridays are the effin best!
keep it up TM
and what up don...long time no cbox
and amanda and emo and sandy and vette....and the rest
the liqour store is calling me!

Shake said...

that's what it is. shitty there's no vegas trip (i had no ride during the award winning trip last time). dre told me ya'll had a blast though.

i'll be in ATL during the a3c festival though, reppin hiphopdx what what! we'll have to link up.

young h said...

the tour dates yall designed on the top of your myspace page dont exactly match the ones in your myspace formatted tour date organizer a little lower

show up in all the right spots, and/or dont have people showing up where yall wont be!

get money and make these promoter niggas stick to their words.

Peezy said...

H, i fixed it...

UltraMag said...


gimme gimme more (c) just got outta rehab for the fifty-leventh time

Donald Williams said...

good lookin out von. i kept forgettin to hook that up

and thanks to everybody who reads the blog and enjoys the music. we got some exciting shit planned

now i will go finish cleaning up and packing schwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag lol