Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eye Candy: Rachel Ray?!?!

she aint this skinny no more, and thats a good thing

so lemme run a hypothetical situation by you guys. you marry a woman/man who just cant fucking cook, at all. that is NOT whats hot at all. my nigga imagine if your woman couldnt cook and believed she could and she went about making you elaborate meals every day, would you just adapt? i mean you can buy her a cook book but nine times outta ten she would just find a new meal to fuck up.

the other day i sat down to eat with a couple and the food was not very good at all, maybe it was made to their particular tastes. maybe it was healthy and i aint know it. but the shit was bland and not really delicious. i ate it tho (i be HONGRY) and as i did i wondered did the guy really enjoy this food? did the girl really think she was cookin up some marvelous shit? i dont know, maybe i just caught her on a bad day but it wasnt that good at all.

enter rachel ray and her succulent turkey pictured above... mmmm mmmm good (c) campbells

lemme go finish fixing this itenerary :/


bananaclipse(3.0) said...

lol @ rachel ray and the raekwon pic. but if someone cant cook i gotta let it be known. my ex couldn't cook so i did. id rather have to then eat some bad food.

amanda said...

this is hands down the worst eye candy you've ever posted.

this pic is olllllld.

nowadays she is NOT on point lol. plus she got those grand canyon titties.


but agreed on the cooking. lucky for me, I can cook, so I don't have to worry about whether or not my man can feed me without killing me.

Anonymous said...

that picture is unsexy as fuck. and if she can't cook, why the hell I marry her ass for?