Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rap is Outta Control: Rick Ross @ the Fader

"i rub em every morning to wake em up, like come to daddy" - rick ross on his tattoo's

i wont lie to yall, im in a bit of a funk today. some of that good M.I.A.M.I.* shit so how befitting is it that this rick ross clip smooth had me dying laughing. from the self portrait chain to the grand tour of his tatt'ed torso this is some grade a shit. you can watch for yourself by clicking the picture and hear ross tell you all about fashion or you can just look at those vidcap's and listen to a dj khalid song, same shit.

* money IS a major issue

1 comment:

Canela_NYC said...

You ain't neva lie. In about 10 minutes I got $10k poorer (in debt). Just that fast. Funny how you never just fall into money though.

FYI - Ross: That's that nigg@ ish. n/m