Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rap Is Outta Control: KFC got a black history mixtape

click the image for proof

now i like my chicken as much as the next nigga but got damn! these niggas is on there rappin/saingin HOARD about... chicken! and somehow equating it to pride and community and heritage. shit is amazing you, amazing. actually ever song has the words community, heritage, community, 360, chicken and KFC in it which tells me that the artists were given a checklist of words to include in their song.

the best of the worst is this guy Jibe - At the KFC . if you play that song you pretty much get the gist of what the hell is going on. this guy on the tape named mac d is actually pretty good tho...

happy black history month!

UPDATE: after watching D MAWL on rap city. i was dead on, it was a KFC contest and you had to submit songs using those keywords i speculated and he won. part of his prize was appearing on rap city. fam... this may be a bigger L for BET than KFC

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Mittens said...

There are just no words for this. Glad your Saturday has been so eventful