Friday, February 15, 2008

4 open bars later....

drunk n hot giiirls


bar one
- really just a liquor store that was giving out absinthe samples. apparently it just got legalized and tastes like mouthwash. that shit had me lightheaded as shit. and some of them LES drunkies was goin back for seconds and thirds. that shit is gonna be the new crystal meth, watch

bar two - POOL PARTY! how we find a pool party in the middle of february i have no idea. but that shit was poppin off. the last time we went to this 'event' we left to early and the next day photos of all kinda hedonism popped up but we left early again. somebody got pregnant in them waters, and i think i know who

bar three - erm, we missed that cus we couldnt find a cab and hopped on the train. suffice to say i was tipsy enough to not be tripping

bar four - rum and pineapple is a good combination. this joint was supposed to be a nineties rnb party but i aint hear that much rnb and the dj was sneakin in shit from the 00's. they had a makeout contest advertised but we left the party before that jumped off. i kinda just wanted to go home at this point lol

bonus bar - bar three was en route to the train so we stopped by there and that shit was WACK. it was billed as the fuck valentines day party so we was thinkin shit was gonna be major. wrong, WRONG (c) charlie murphay

the moral to the story: if you ever stumble across a pool party dont leave early.

THE END (c) me


Canela_NYC said...

Damn son! You talk about me?!

And for future reference - I am an absinthe fiend. R u sure it's legal now?!!!

s.boogie said...

this is either a wack ass recap because your brain isn't awake yet or I didn't miss anything.

I've yet to hit that pool party tho.

thatdudedave said...

who is that sexy ass woman you are huggin in the pic?!

Donald Williams said...

thats my woman

we dont seee each other much but when we do boy the sparks fly

she snuck in the city to be with me last night

thatdudedave said...

man you are lucky!

does she have a sister...or a mom?

Donald Williams said...

her sister is like a hasbro doll. dont think you wanna go that low

her mom is tuperware. and boy is she a CILF (container id like to fuck)

amanda said...

absinthe is legal now?

Never tried it, but I heard that will royally fuck your ass up. Wow.

thatdudedave said...


what's her number? i likes old tuperware

Angie said...


Lola Gets said...

Yeah, you have to be careful when youre drinking absinthe. Im suprised you were still able to walk. You must be able to hold your liquor well.