Monday, January 21, 2008

rapping in a winter wonderland (c) frosty the snowman

that made me happy

i need to shave.. my mustache lookin like the hood on my coat :(

happy mlk day people

i really wish the bank was open today, really. i hate walkin around with checks to cash and cash to check you know? not good at all.

aside from the 13 hour trip home* on sunday denver was cool. for some reason THIS was the highlight of the trip for me. you know vip booths and bottle service cant compare to marveling at the work of mother nature.

now that im back home and fully rested up from my jetlag(s) im ready to attack my day/week with vigor. lemme go fire up the dry erase board so that i can line up this work. its alot to get done around here. i gotta write, rap, wipe my apt down and i REALLY wanna play with my keyboard, bad.

shout out to the homie (dj) pause over in new zealand, big tings a gwan... SEEEN!** stay tuned people, and this time im talkin literally :) you'll see...

*atlanta, invest in a snowplow and some salt please. i know you dont get alot of snow but 1 inch of flush should NOT paralyze your city.
**holla at the faux patois... gangsta right?


Angie said...
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Angie said...

bwahaha @ "you could put some syrup & sh*t on this". You are a fool!

nickels said...

jonathan's snow and waffles made me snort.

Canela_NYC said...

Snow is crack, obviously.

I <3 snow. Man, I woulda gone skiing. ..