Wednesday, January 02, 2008

men who look like oatmeal cookies*

edward james olmos

ray liotta

im watching revolver, this shit is pretty damn dumb. the best part of the movie besides andre being in it is ray liottas skin. its astoundingly bad and its something about the way the movie is shot that makes it even more pronounced.

i have to at least see this shit thru until the end but its just kinda hard to watch. at one point it turned into an animated movie. im so confused, so very confused.

*this is a comment on their skin, im not sayin they look delicious or nothing like that. no homo(genized milk)


exclusivelyexclusive2 said...

Please remove this post. I can't take looking at it.

Donald Williams said...


Fresh Daily said...

revolver is incredibly wack son.

makes no sense at all.

Guy Ritchie let Madonna fuck his shit up son.

Donald Williams said...


i was so fucking dissappointed man. i mean it looks great but the movie itself


awful waffles

how was the nye party?

exclusivelyexclusive2 said...

You said "no" to my request above, but your new post pushed this one farther down the page. Now I don't have to look at those faces anymore when I'm in the cbox.

Thanks, Don :)

Heinz said...

u are lame that movie is dooooooooope. fuck what YOU say! lol