Friday, January 04, 2008

every superhero needs good theme music

click the picture to hear my theme song
comment to tell me what yours is

this song is an instant pick me up and if you have ever seen me at the MJ vs PRINCE party (meka holler) you may have saw me literally black out (drunk or sober) to this joint. shit im outta breath right now from wildin out to it (i do that sometimes) like a madman. straight off, nothing is fucking with this song, nothing.

NOTE TO SELF: cut hair this weekend.


young h said...

my theme song is the narrow path

amanda said...

you mean MJ related song that's a theme song?

If that's the case..
"Wanna Be Startin Somethin".

Anonymous said...

My MJ themse song is "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough." That's my JAM.

Meka Soul said...

meka soul's theme song: "kick in the door" by biggie smalls.

... or it's for jackson-related songs?

oh, then it's actually "billy jean."

i ain't touch that bitch! please believe me! PLEASE BELIEVE ME! (c) dave chappelle

Canela_NYC said...

Ol' skool all-time theme song - "Black is Black" - Jungle Brothers

Jackson-related - "Dancing Machine"

bananaclipse(3.0) said...

my theme is "whatever you say" - little brother

jackson related is "rock with you" pause?