Wednesday, December 05, 2007

man down (c) 50 cent

i havent done the system restore thing yet. i plan on doing it today, i cant lie im kinda scared to do it and it not work, even tho i have backed up my machine. its still scary

but ive got bigger fish to fry...

what do i do about a head cold? and not a super bad phlegm hacking, sneezing, runny nose one but more like a very stuffy head, irritating lingering headache, very very fatigued one? and i got a slight sore throat. the cough is coming but its been fought off via my rite aid cough syrup and oj

is it starve a cold? somebody help me. please... please. i havent been sick in a long time and even tho this may sound like a MAN UP occasion, i have manned up and its clear that i need assistance.


i think i fixed the digital glitches... yay me. i adjusted my m-audio usb soundcard settings and also adjusted the settings on the box itself and its appears to be relatively glitch free. relatively. im still messing with it to be honest but i think that did the trick. guess i should write some raps now..


tia said...

you need a decongestant if you're head is stuffy. you don't have a fever, do you? when it's really bad i take nyquil and go to sleep. you could try dayquil.

tia said...


thatdudedave said...

for head cold and phlegm, get a lemon
cut it in half...squeeze into a hot cup of water...dont add sugar or honey...and drink it while it is will be nasty as fuck...but it will get rid of congestion...drink the seeds too(they dont hurt)

glad your soundcard is working....
but the restore will get rid of anything that is acting weird after your viral attack

Donald Williams said...

i tried the restore and it said that nothing has changed... :/

it said it couldnt restore it to an older point cus there were no major changes to my system.

i guess thats good no?

thatdudedave said...

it's not bad...but there should at least be a system checkpoint(if system restore is turned on)....
but if your machine is not actin up you should be cool(you said your soundcard is workin now)

but if you are getting popups and slowness that can still be fixed without a restore

Sandy said...


actually, you're not that sick yet. the brew is the lemon/ginger/garlic/cayenne monstrosity that I swear by.

Che tried it. Said it worked for him... You might wanna give it a try.

The lemon and water and honey and stuff is basically the same thing, and should do the trick too.

Hot showers. REst. and Hot drinks. And more rest. That's pretty much all I can suggest.

p* said...

i'm into

air born or ziacam do wonders for me.

it will just shorten the cold tho.

amanda said...

OK. Here's some remedies from the homeland or from wise souls that I met in life.

If I'm not mistaken, you're a caffeine addict like myself. Please do yourself a favor and hit the caffeine. I'd say in tea form, but if the headache is that bad, then hit the coffee. If your throat is getting really bad, opt for an iced coffee despite the fact it's December.
I get insane withdrawl headaches sometimes and caffeine cures them FAST.

Stuffy head - something hot to drink and spicy ass food. Only do the spicy food if your stomach is still up to par though. And I'm not talking weak sauce Chinese takeout general tso's spicy - I mean the kinda food where you take one bite and then need a 5 minute break. I recommend Burmese food.

fatigue? just sleep, that's all you can do.

and forget lemon juice in water. I swear. Just take the lemon juice in one shot. It might burn a little but supposedly the vitamin C helps a lot. I'm not sure how much faith I place in this but I like lemons so I do it anyway.

I also suggest getting your ass up or convincing a friend to bring you some Pho. It's the shit when you're sick. And to clear your head, make sure you put a good amount of Sriracha in it and don't skimp on the lime. Best sick food ever.

home remedies, ftw. I hate medication.

Hope something works and you feel better.