Monday, December 24, 2007


i should not have watched i am legend. i know its just a movie and i also know that i am NOT legend however the movie has officially made me feel like i am quarantined. yesterday i made no human contact outside of going to the store for a beer. this week i was definitely not legend cus ilyas was here but for the most part ever since thanksgiving i have been legend.

this is not good. i mean i KNOW its a movie but i just kept drawing too many eerie parallels to my own life. when you factor in that my cat sat in my lap the entire time and that i have this bad habit of talkin to her nad the objects in my room... yeah :/

so effective immediately i will not be legend anymore. im going to get in the shower and go outside. no idea where im going or to do what but this is ridiculous fam. utterly fucking ridiculous.

somebody save me

*why? why not!


Che Grand said...

I'm actually Legend... no bullshit

Donald Williams said...

yeah man..

its very easy to feel like legend.

exclusivelyexclusive2 said...

Thanks for discounting my e-company yesterday. I'm officially offended. LOL.

mandy $125 overpriced armani pants said...

what is legend?
no seriously, I am not a movie person.

Pea! said...

i watched it too and it kind of reminded me of 9/11 :-(

if weezy really got LL then pharell needs to body himself for not snatching her up pre-friend zone

bitty said...

weezy bagging her means there truly is a "man shortage" (winces at term)

unless there's something about her i don't know

vash...thee lvvr said...

i just go hard off the lauren london pic. and down max....down

Fresh Daily said...

yr fault ure legend.

I live 15 min. away.

I work at Frank White Cafe.

also like 15 min away from your crib.

nobody hollas at me for shit outside my crew.


maybe IM Legend....