Friday, December 07, 2007

im talkin bout chi town (c) kanye


although i hate hot dogs i LOVE calling random cashiers 'dumb bitches' while ordering my food. i also like the insults lobbed back at me in the form of 'four eyed asshole' or 'curly headed bitch nigga'. this place is awesome, i cant comment on the food cus ive always been too drunk to enjoy it but its def an experience. shit if we gonna talk about good chicago eatin i think yall would be hard pressed to find anything outside of harolds chicken.

for the record i am STILL sick. today im going to drink theraflu and sleep. period. i either have the flu or a sinus infection. im hoping its the flu cus i dont wanna pay for no fuckin urgent care. ive had a headache for 2 days straight man. like a dull pain..

oh yeah and 2 girls 1 finger is WAY worse than 2 girls 1 cup. i wonder what is the next one? 2 girls 1 gun?


Sandy said...

you know what I'm gonna suggest now, right? Now that you said you've had a headache for 2 days, right?


Wash the gunk out yo' head.

You're gonna have to privately school me on the whole 2 girls series.

NOT in THAT way folks who will read too much into that statement.

Donald Williams said...

2 girls 1 cup/finger is basically women eating/swapping feces and vomit between their mouths and spraying it on each other.

its pretty gross but i was kinda preconditioned for it thanks to accidentally clicking a link to in college.

shits gross yo

no nose wash... theraflu...ill make brew and drink theraflu

Sandy said...

I've seen 2 girls/1 cup. Just didn't know that was the title.


I dunno 'bout you, but I'm nosewashing today.

Gonna get a girl to drink my snot too. Then she'll... err nevermind.

Gonna tape it and let you spread it online.


And that hot dog clip is bananas. I went from wanting to move there, so I could berate random privileged white kids asking for it, to being angry and enraged.

thatdudedave said...

the hot dog clip is crazy...wonder how many fights have happened there?
people gettin mopped up over a hotdog and chocolate shake...LOL

tia said...

i don't eat hot dogs anymore :(
chicago smells like food. i need to go back one of these days. no comment on harolds.

oh and yesterday i meant to say i'm so upset i missed your slickback. and your image is you're the indian guy in the group.

amanda said...

2 girls 1 nosewash?

Angie said...


Ultramag said...

You need one of these:

Seriously, it works! Minus the coffee and wine, lol...

ultramag said...

Oh, and re: 2 girls vids...

I love gory 'ish (like Apocalypto), but that was seriously the nassiest of the nassy. Nassiness like that is liable to incite folks to violence, lol.

I gotta admit, the vids made me want to kick someone in the asshole, just to see what would come out, lol... Kidding!

I wouldn't recommend watching vids like that when you're nearing the bottom of the homemade concoction (garlic chunks and whatnot). Cleaning up url when you're sick is NOT FUN.

Anonymous said...

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