Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i got to keep on movin (c) puff and mase

this is not the cover art scott this is a placeholder LOL
(click the above for a sample)

so this project has been literally years in the making. basically me and the homie suhburb (the guy who produced sittin in the bar) have concocted a distorted mess of an album that we are almost finished with and im almost ready to let people hear. its still missing a few things but i PROMISE the things we are doing on this album are totally left field and unexpected. this is one of those love it or hate it kinda deals, seriously i dont expect people to grasp it at all. i really honestly think its gonna turn some people off. but what is art if you dont take a risk? its not like we took a shot in the dark either, these songs were carefully planned out and discussed.

we basically just let our imaginations run wild on this one. it is not a typical rap album at all and i can hear the critics and fans alike sayin its noisy and an off attempt at being artsy for arts sake. well yes and no. ill let you guys be the judge and in the event you dont like it there are always the soothing sounds of tanya morgan to fall back on.

i just know im excited as hell about this one yall, dead serious. hearing the fruit of your labor is always an occasion be it a really sasitfying reference track or a mixed and mastered album but this is something different.

ill stop gushing, but i mean last night was weird. i FINALLY break writers block only to find out my laptop really is sorta messed up and the recordings are all glitchy/clicky/skippy. im gonna try the geek squad out this weekend but i think i know what it is. ive lived with the problem for days and even have tried to rectify it. im fairly certain its either my video card sapping power to perform its normal operations or the sound card in general. either way im gonna have to pay. *sigh* i just hope its not expensive

you guys wanna hear about my real life huh? this is my real life right now suckas, all im talkin about is music cus its heavy on my mind right now. writers block and all im OFFICIALLY back to work and its looking like 08 just may be the craziest year ever for me in terms of output. not sayin i was dormant in 07 but i was laying alot of groundwork for the 0 infinite (i think imma call 08 the 0 infinite now sounds kinda fly to me at least) lets look at the tentative releases shall we?

dj soul mixtape - tanya morgan (CALLING ALL COLLABORATIONS TO THE CARPET!)
the bridge - tanya morgan (early 08)
brooklynati - tanya morgan (late 08)
suburban sprawl - donwill (i want it to drop on my birthday... BAD)
fly guys - kay and donwill aka dubjack (no idea when but its coming)

you know what talkin to yall about my music is kinda weird. you would think talkin on my blog about my music isnt weird but its because i interact with a handful of yall on the reg so it kinda makes it feel like im knockin on your door tryna sell you some shit you dont want, but you do want it tho right? either way who cares, this is my blog damnit!

ps- do yall know who don newkirk is? please respond in the comments section....


thatdudedave said...

3 feet high and rising

Donald Williams said...


dave you ARE that dude

thatdudedave said...

gas face!

tia said...

yeah i know who don newkirk is.
ask him what happened to the ill-out show?? i wish i could remember the name of that r&b cut he did back in the day. they used to play it on video music box. if someone has it on mp3 i will love u long time. i'm about to get to googling.

Canela_NYC said...

Sweat you - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=une5XZB2ma0

Or the other one? I think it was called J.E.N.N.Y. I just remember the video - white background, colorful clothes, and the running man in varying degrees.

Donald Williams said...

i need to add your blog
how do i list it?
what is canela?

tia said...

canela: i think it might be sweat you. no youtube at work so i'll have to verify when i get home. if it is, thanks!

tia said...

yay this is it! and i found the black flames video too :)

luca (but u can call me GhoST) said...

damn man... watch... ill get my hopes up and then everything gets pushed back or shelved like that vanglorious or like von pea's self-untitled

dj harvey dent said...

He has a short lived R&B career.
He was on De La's first album.
He was the announcer on 3rd Bass-Gasface.

He's in Baby Elephant w/ Prince Paul.

Canela_NYC said...

Canela - spanish for cinnamon. My grandmother gave me that nickname when I was a baby. Surprised my Aunt didn't relay that story too. LOL

ultramag said...

Uh, I commented on this joint a few days ago, not sure where it went.

What I had said was... I can only respect artists that have the desire to evolve, and explore musical interests that some would consider as "deviating from the norm". I LOVE it when artists keep me on my toes, because as the artist evolves, the listener evolves.

In other words, I'm feeling the new joints. Keep up the good work. *holding my breath until the mixtape*

William Giovanni said...

"CALLING ALL COLLABORATIONS TO THE CARPET!"...hmm ya'll in need of any beats? anyone? anyone? hell it was worth a shot

kagiso said...

don wasup man wen r u guyz hittin south africa!! uve got fan base dis side as well!!!