Monday, November 19, 2007

wavin guns in all my baby pictures (c) nas

this hip hop quote title shit is hard sometimes, i think im running out

so its finally over and im left with mixed emotions about it all. the joys and stresses made this bittersweetly awkward balance that is kinda inexplicable. i mean i probably can explain it but who wants to go thru all that.

the real dilemna is that i left rougly 40 burnt cd's in the center console of the rental car and now i think they are gone. son... i mean im upset but im not mad. i mean im just glad my ipod or camera or heavy cd or cell phone charger wasnt in there. cus at one point all of those objects were. those were just burnt cd's. albeit really dope mixes and shit but nothing that cant be easily replaced. but its the principle of it all. i really want my cd's back tho

so now here i sit in my granma's hydraulic lift chair reclined with the grind on my mind (damn that rhymed) and i still got a few loose ends to tie up and a few plots to conjure up.ill get it all figured out before i go back to nyc. i got a million photos to upload to flickr, i wanna update my site, i need to get ready to fill these shirt orders, got like 4 songs to work on, need to redo this graphic for our epk, need to holler at a few emails... man listen im so backlogged it aint funny.

im gonna take the night to recouperate and attack all the errands tomorrrow. i will also be buying myself a new phone and midi keyboard. period no questions asked. i gotta handle my personal finances tomorrow too, and make sure the transportation didnt go over budget before i make it rain w/ them crisp big faces i pocketed on the road.

man i could ruminate on life and the ebb and flow of all of this but id rather just chill and reminisce. almost feels like the past 2-3 weeks didnt happen at all. luckily i have pictures of it all lol...


-the kid from everybody hates chris is growing up in from of all of us on tv, voice changing and all. awesome. whens the last time THAT happened?


Sandy said...

Ay! No deer in the headlights look! You learned something on tour.

good for you.

Donald Williams said...


and i did it on purpose :)

dont trip tho there are some really horrible bad O_O shots out there

LOQuent said...

congrats on the tour.

the last time we saw a kid grow up would be ashley on fresh prince of bel-air...

tia said...

you look like you're twelve. young and tenDUH! hahaha.

Al from KY said...

looks like u bout to get that new sidekick lx. g'head and live it up dude. wore my shirt saturday! love it! peace, hope ya'll make it back to ky soon

elucid said...