Wednesday, November 28, 2007

so(ul) amazing (c) blu+exile

i aint explaining the clip, just watch and be amazed like i was... awesome

i have tried to write this blog like 15 times. i started off talkin about soul train and how i dont remember watching it until the late 70s/early 80s. then i changed it to a note to nathaniel (who likes to daaaaaaaaaaaynce) but i figured that was a kinda silly tie in to make so i just said fuck it.

honestly all i want is a cup of coffee and i dont think i have any coffee filters. i dont even wanna eat man, i just want coffee. i mean i have the coffee grinds and even a coffee maker but i dont know if i have any filters. i need to go look in my box of kitchen stuff that i have never unpacked. id have to dig a coffee cup out too.

how doyou go grocery shopping and not have anything to eat? i mean i dont feel like eating what i have to eat. oh yeah and watching rachel ray is not the move if you aint got the food. i think im gonna go find some coffee and take a shower and make up my bed then write some rhymes or something.

man rachel ray be COOKING... if i had a kitched and tivo id keep her ass on lock. for real yo, she can be my boo. i think i got a lil crush on her. she just made these french toast puffs with fruit filling and a syrup drizzle. man i dont even LIKE french toast liek that but fam... i need a fucking kitchen.. bad :/

imma go find some coffee :/




Sandy said...

1)I always thought it was a pity that Soul Train was reduced to in the end, skinny chicks in lycra flipping their hair and grinding off beat, with Shemar Moore doing his best to fit in and pretend he's fly.

2) that reminded me of MJ vs. Prince. I haven't seen folks go THAT hard on the dance floor in a while...

3) Hipster snoop? (I should talk)

4) that chick with the curly hair made me miss mine.


I just made some AWESOME coffee. Want some?

Donald Williams said...


im gonn ahave to go walk and buy some cus i cant find the filters


tia said...

lol i heard that snoop song the other day and i thought, "i bet donald likes this song."

Young H said...

nigga this video just put Snoop in the top 10 GOAT list

Donald Williams said...

i was torn on liking the song

i didnt understand what was going on i mean i know snoop is a wild dude but i was just kinda confused


after seeing this video and just liking snoops forray's into faux rnb in general i gotta say its a jam

the video really just put the nail in the coffin

Dvva said...

Gotta luv Snoop.

amanda said...

There's gotta be some crafty way to take other shit and make it into a coffee filter. I'm sure somebody out there on the internet has an answer.

And Giada de Laurentiis > Rachael Ray.

Anonymous said...

use a single ply bounty as a filter.

yours truly,
Yoko De Salle

exex said...

This Snoop video is hilarious. But the song sounds good. He has a new album out? I might have to download this on iTunes.

-ihsanamin- said...

Cotdamn, that Snoop vid killed me, fam.

That nigga is a legend.

Filthy said...

hell yes, amanda .. giada is sexxxay.
but she's knocked up & murried so don can't boo her up.