Sunday, November 25, 2007

in my lifetiiiime (c) jay z

if you dont have 10 spare minutes just fast forward to the 6 minute mark, thats where the real party starts anyway. im a perv so i saw the title thinking aww yeah soft porn! but what i found was this trainwreck of a family crisis movie. maybe the fact that it was on lifetime shoulda tipped me off huh? i aint see meredith baxter in the credits tho so i thought i was home free. this shit just hits new levels of ridiculous fam. seriously, words can not express.

in other news i think my cpu has a virus. i keep getting these relentless pop ups and they wont go away. im in the process of having handle that shit for me and im hoping that its resolved soon. as a close friend of mines put it this cpu is my office, its my career. its so much more than just a laptop and i cant afford to have my studio infected with anything but sick rhymes and beats. (corny or witty, you decide) how fucking ironic is the pop up scene at the end of the clip i posted? my life man... my fucking LIFE

i wont be blogging tomorrow, ill be driving back to nyc to continue my grind and there is an itemized list of things to do once i touchdown in the planet. we gotta catch up with 88keys to get our other beat, get up with dj soul about our new mixtape, track down illmind (which shouldnt be that hard) and outside of recording material for the new project we gotta get our VPND show on. and i havent even mentioned the personal matters i need to handle *sigh* i need a fucking assistant, bad. BAD! superbad

speaking of the podcast, we are moving to a new address: will be our new home. we may lose a listener or two in the shift but im gonna do all i can to make sure that they are notified of the change. the lessondary radio blog is gonna be coming back bigger and better with more video, audio and other tidbits than you can handle. i figure its there we may as well use it. but yeah the reason we are moving is because mypodcast is free where as podomatic costs, nuff said.

okay imma go do a lil more work (SHIRTS FOR SALE) and cap off my cincinnati trip with Dexter at Damian's house and some brew. i got a long day ahead of me, and even alot more work.


* t pain church is a jam, shit what has t pain really done wrong this year at all? nothing fam, nothing.
* my bad for the name dropping, i promise i aint tryna style like that, im just itemizing my workload for you. its no where near as fun as it sounds
* why cant my posts break the 10 comment barrier? i let yall post anonymous comments and all. i appreciate the ppl who read and interact with me thats the whole point of me rambling online so to my blog commentor friends thanks for making this space worth my time, you are loved.


Dvva said...

I wonder how many ppl are gonna comment just bcuz you mentioned your post mot breaking the 10 comment barrier? lol

Donald Williams said...

thats the point dvva!

my money is the same non commentors will not comment lol :/

amanda said...

Wise people of the internet have told me many a time...there's more to blogging than comments.


on that note, enjoy this comment. Three down, eight to go.

exex said...

For comments! Unless your comment doesn't really count.

On the other hand, I missed 3/4 of Dexter :o( What happened with Lila?? And do you think he's gonna kill the black guy?

exex said...

I meant "four" comments. Now, five.

P.S. YOU need to comment on MY blog!

Donald Williams said...

I don't wanna give up the goods on dexter exex. Its comin on again in 10 minutes :)

exex said...

But I'm going to I'll just google it tomorrow and read the episode summary.

On another note, please drive carefully. Say a prayer before you get on the road. You need to stay alive so that we can finally meet each other one day. (I know, so selfish of me)

Heinz said...

u need to watch Brotherhood...Irish Sopranos. doooope.

Sandy said...

Damn. I missed out on a whole day of blog reading. :/

1)Are you counting your comments back? You shouldn't.

2)That clip is hilaaaarious.

I'm gonna slam my head against the counter next time I get turned down.

Gotta love lifetime.

3)your laptop IS your office... never thought of it like that before.

4)Be safe indeed on the road like Exex says...

YdS said...

[Shawty you a] Teeeen!

and yes, CHURCH is bad. meaning good.

N.ick said...

...aaaaaaand ELEVEN!

Patrice said...

:-O at the clip

and 12!

Anonymous said...

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