Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mobile update 3

Yeah so last night was fun in a oh shit how did I get this drunk kinda way.

Highlight of the night was lil mama tryna cut in front of me @ the chicken skewers line. Good times I tell you. She seems cool but I think my drunken gushing about her talent scared her.

Whatever tho. I met a few cool ppl and dope resources that I hope prove to be valuable

We also went to downtown vegas and I have to say that the strip is not the best part of vegas, downtown is. Holla @ mase's feel so good video visuals if you need proof. Son the sky is neon, awesome.

We are waiting to soundcheck right now and all I wanna do is go back to the room and lay down.

I got tons of video and photos... I can't wait to update y'all.


tia said...

yay :)

The Write Brother said...

Good luck tonight man. Rock that shit homie! (c)Flavor Flav