Sunday, October 14, 2007

everything in its right place (c) radiohead

copping in rainbows while playing the in rainbows lol
i had to do it...

so today i finally am getting around to playing in rainbows. if you havent been paying attention radiohead has caused quite a stir lately with their decision to virtually give their album away allowing the fans to download the mp3's and donate as much as they want.

to me this is the equivalent of busking, you know those street performers who have a donations box on the ground? yeah thats how this feels in my eyes and as i sat and played the first few song on the album that somebody gave me a link to i thougth i would just go ahead and cop it proper. rolled over to and donated all i had to spare ($1... i dont have a huge entertainment budget) and took my place in what i consider to be a very historic moment.

i own all of their albums (except for pablo honey and the erasure (thorn yorn's (HAHAHA @ ANTHONY)) solo album) and i even have the collectors edition of the amesiac (the cd case is an unreturned library book, its so dope) and the collectors edition of this one sounds like it will be CRAZY but i dont think i can spend $80s. i want that shit BAD tho.

so yeah man so far the album sounds good, im not all the way thru my first listen yet but as i clean i will spin it back again.

i got that little brother album too but considering how much i played it on friday i dotn think i need to hear it again just yet lol. that shit is official too.

aight yall... lemme go finish up doin what i was doin.



long story short i found out about the cardigans in college and i fell in LOVE with them. i thougth the lead singer was hot too but thats another story. on all of their albums they cover a black sabbath song. i remember hearing this shit and being blown away like DAMN SON! (imnot a huge iron maiden fan btw) overall tho i would say if you are in the mood for really well written rock with pop leanings pickup the cardigans 'first band on the moon' and 'life' both albums are pretty fucking incredible...

okay im gone again


Sandy said...

I have very short term memory today so lemme comment as I read...
1)510 pieces of MAIL!!???!!!
2)you Paid real money for music?
3)you DO know you really spent like 3.bucks total right? Your Lone dollar is pretty much equivalent to .50 gbp.

Ok... back to reading I go.

Sandy said...


I love The Cardigans almost as much as I love Dainagon&N'yoko.