Friday, September 28, 2007

You wanna hear me rap?

The ARE featuring Dem Damb Jacksons full LP - Click image to Download
im on the song Keep Trying along with D.Rose and Kay

i dont know how much of a backstory to give, i mean i can explain this one for days on end but long story short me and Kay go back (kinda sorta) we have a great working relationship and he tends to invite me onto any project he is working on (as do i) thats how i found my way onto this album. there is an instrumental version available over at but i aint on that sooo... LOL (its dope as shit tho, for real... the ARE dont play) i think its kinda trippy that im on a project that prominently features OH NO but thats a whole nother story. good shit.

as usual im urging you to run on over to and vote for tanya morgan, maybe even buy a shirt on your way there and back while you are at it. i just want the voting process to end so that the whole logggin in to myspace thing can go back to where it was and i can resume not being obsessed with if mitch gunz has the lead or not. i mean if anything we will be in vegas with mitch but i wanna talk about a group that is not getting enough love in the polls, NRP. Pocket full of Love is a fucking jam man, like for real on smash jam. so much so that i had to send them a message like 'fam, that shit knock' and they in turn was like 'wow, you the comp sendin messages thats whats up, its all love' but i mean i dont see why people are not voting for them dudes man. granted im not trying to sway our voters away.. PLEASE DONT GO AWAY NIGGAS WE NEED YOU! but them NRP niggas got a jam and a half on they hands, for fucking real and with or without this contest i do expect to hear them dudes on xm*.

the best part about this contest is that its all southern artist, with the exception of us and we are homeless with regards to where we from. thats why we created brooklynati, cus we share two hometowns. i have a crazy vision for the brooklynati release party and if we can work out our situation that dream may come true.

okay people so the gout jokes and all that shit, yeah i think that lil stubby muthafucka is broken. it still hurts, like hurts BAD as shit. i have no idea how im going to jump around on stage. i need health insurance, or maybe i should move to canada

damn its friday already? i think i need something else to talk about. i have nothing... so i guess ill go away now.

*speaking of xm, are they playing any of the songs in the contest on the station yet?

p.p.s. - the people at my j.o. keep giving me gifts. i have a japanese crystal xmas tree ornaments and now some korean bookmarks. they are trying to make me asian fam, and its working.


Sandy said...

that game is hell. i have things to do... but... i can't put it away.

your nrp speech makes me want to throw them a vote.

Donald Williams said...

nigga you better not vote for them. until the 4th, they are the competition an should be treated as such

Sandy said...

Hated the tune, but can't help but to think... "Turning Japanese" after your pps.



I'll vote for WHO ever I DAMNb please, MO Fo.

Sorry. I just feel like starting shit today.

exex said...

why would you encourage people to vote for nrp? Are you CRAAAZZZZEEE??? Until y'all win, it's all about Tanya Morgan. I can't believe you. You houldn't even be uttering the competition's name. You need self-promotion training 101. LOL.