Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I need a digital camera & backup hard drive

and im not sayin this like you know i kinda just want em for fun, no i NEED them desperately for work. if i had the hard drive i could clear off my laptop and stop deleting all the music i transfer to my ipod. basically i have deleted roughly 25 gigs of music since i got my ipod cus i dont have any of it anywhere else (von is some where cringing right now) and lets not begin to talk about the prOn that has been laid to rest because of the 'low disk space' notification

the digital camera is more for both work and fun. i mean i need to be takin photos of these 'good clothes' and design stuff i did to document and market them but i also need my camera to remember the good times that i dont talk about. my memory sucks and once i wake up outta my drunken stupor the next day a visual stimulus would probably help me to recapture the moment.

the photo above was taken at the I *heart* BK rooftop cookout. of course we was keepin it real ghetto (with them plastic cups) and free smirnoff ice (ew) J-Live was holdin it down with us by the dj booth and laughing at me for shouting out all the wrong samples during the gift giveaway portion. His homeboy was like 'who are they?' and J proceeds to say 'tanya morgan, really dope hip hop group, ill play it for you when we get back to the car' ... lemme find out j-live keeps tm on deck. thats pretty big, yadig.

i have no photos from the zune live at the bbq event i went to but if i did get photog'd you woulda saw me losing my MIND to ll cool j. son... i aint gonna lie i aint know he was coming and if you woulda said his name i wouldnt have jumped at the opportunity (you know how it is man all im thinkin is he gonna come out doin new g unit shit :/) but this dude pops up outta the blue on my ass and does alot of his hits! radio, rock the bells, aroudn the way girl, jinglin baby, knock you out... the list goes on and on (i quietly was hopin hed do paradise, thats my jam no homo) he puts on a helluva show for real. other than that i spent my time backstage drinkin free beer and cutting in line for grub. good loookin out ryan.

see i cant even remember what else ive done, simply because i dont have pictures. like i know aeon came down a few days ago but i have no idea what he was here for, alli know is he crashed at my spot. this sucks, i need a camera!

i was gonna blog about fake ass frontin industry type fucks but i chilled, no need to get all worked up when im not in the mood too.


Sandy said...

is that what we're calling it these days... "MUSIC"

25 gigs of "Music" off your drive...


Oh I'm in RARE FORM Today!

Donald Williams said...

no what you are talking about is called pr0n

smart ass

Sandy said...

Uhm. I was a little excited. maybe a little too much coffee in the system. If my witty arse had kept reading, I'da see you copped to the prOn.

But its too good a comment to delete.

Feel free to get rig of both of these.

I need to start eating before downing all that coffee...

Sandy said...

You'll see I accounted for my fast eyes!

Donald Williams said...

comment all you want sandy

the gods of deletion have spoken...

flwrpt. said...

yo son...

the blog is back up!



Anonymous said...

Yo Son! I told you your flickr link is broken on your frontpage.

You missed a C

Go fix it son.


Donald Williams said...

its broken on purpose, i dont even have a flickr account

Anonymous said...

Son. Why put it there then Son?

I know why but still... Son.


gmFb said...

LOL. i came for...um...HOUSE OF YES!

duh. (i forgot too though.)

yo, check my blog son! im hype as hail.

Janet said...

i will donate my camera to you because im buying a new one ;)