Monday, August 06, 2007

all work and no play makes don a dull will

This weekend i took upon myself the task of beginning to design my website(s) i just wanted to get something up there so i threw this together

and threw it up on the mcdayjob domain with a few relevant links. This is by no means the FINAL design and is simply a place holder so that if somebody stumbles across the page they will find something other than the 'this domain name is parked' page. I really just wanted to see if i could figure it out and i did. yay for me!

I am trying to figure out how i want the pages navigation to look and the visual theme. I can say this it will be clean, text based and simple to navigate. That placeholder page will be replaced and the front page will be interactive but i dont want it to be my blog, because i dont want the focus of the site to be my blog. I know i want my visual art showcased though, past and present so that will probably be the focus.


i havent talked about music much lately huh?

I joined Che Grand and Spec Boogie for a short set on saturday that also featured Fresh Daily, Nola Darling and Suzi Analogue. It was some sort of fundraiser/benefit and in normal Donwill fashion i didnt pain myself with any of the details (venue, start time, cost, etc... ) i just kinda show up with the ppl im supposed to be with. It felt kinda good to be onstage again, even if it was for only a verse but i just kinda played the background and chilled.

speaking of being onstage i am 99.9% sure that the tour that was in the works is out of the works and being replaced with something else. That is all im going to say here because you all KNOW how comfortable i get in my blog and i will say some things that i probably shouldn't.

i have kinda been on a hiatus to be honest and it hasn't been a relaxing one either. i just had to take a minute to gather my thoughts and adjust to all the change that my personal life has encountered. i think im getting back to that space where i can work on music again. There are some obligatory projects like beat thieves (ilwil) and brooklynati (tm) that ive been working on and if you add in the fact that Kay (Fly Guys and i owe him a verse on this new project he is working on that im not sure if i can talk about just yet) and Aeon (OMG'z) have carte blanche to my microphone you can see how a guy who aint really totally inspired has alot of stuff to do. i teamed up with suburb for my first proper solo effort which is titled 'suburban sprawl'. We'll be hitting yall with that sooner than later. Scott Free just hit me with the preminary cover art and its looking nice visually, im just waiting on Suburb to hit me with the mixes, if yall show some concern i may post up the demos he leaked. I'm also tryna clear my collaborative plate right now. I dont got that many but when you are not in a musical headspace 2 can seem like 200. Its actually only 3 people (Gerald Walker, J '8 Muntz' Lewis & D. Rose) but i've signed on for 2 songs with the last two guys so thats 5 songs total.

Thats alot of rappin man, alot.

Combine in the immense behind the scene personal shit im enduring and spending 8 hours doing nothing related to any of that and well, needless to say amongst being scattered im a little stressed & overwhelmed. But thats just part of the game tho right? Balancing that is.

PPS - ilyas man hold your head fam...

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