Sunday, July 22, 2007


and if you know me you know i been hunting forums for a long time. the ones i found today retail at $118/$180 respectively. I saw em at the adidas originals store and what struck me was the details, suede trimmings, gold plating, leather guts... shits were dope but too price.

so i found them and i got two pair for a grand total of 39.98! $19 dollars a piece! i have no idea why or how i just know that greed wouldnt let me leave with one pair. i aint even want the white joints, i dont like the forum lo's but i do know that at that price its a steal and even if all i wanna do is ebay em i can make my money back and then some. but we all know mr stay fresh fetish aint gonna ebay shit. unless my worn kicks are worth money

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Rich Louis said...

i don't liek peopel like you with small feet
the pain at being a size 14