Friday, July 27, 2007

nobody is gonna save your life for you

unless you are actually dying, and even then they may just let you walk towards the light and hope somebody called 911.

i need to take a few days off(line) not like a formal announced 'I WILL BE OUT FROM BLAH TO BLAH' but more like a just dont open firefox for anything outside of urgent email. or maybe not offline so much as away from my normal haunts and habits.

as of late i have been hard at working setting up tanya morgan profiles across the internets. you can now find us at the following websites:***

my favorite site of all by far is now reverbnation. for any aspiring artists out there that shis is dope. the blog lets you seemlessly integrate your existing artist blog an pick up rss feed clips from the internet that come up, dope. it has alot of other good features but that shit struck me as genius. so yeah now that all the profiles are 'working' i just have to manage the content and keep check up on em ery now and again. no sweat. im not so much worried about having millions of friends on them as i am with just having them. if you guys know of anymore good ones let me know. i was a mouse click away from joining migente and i just still might do it

part of aspiring to be an artist is about watchin the joneses. not keepin up with them but watching them and taking notes of what festival/venue they performed at, who they are working with, what 'trend' is happening and so on and so forth. that shit is taxing, especially when you feel like you should be there instead. i wish i could be so oblivious as to not pay attention to anything going on and just do me but fear of not being current wont let me. me and low key had a nice lil convo about something along these lines last night and i admit i was in a pissy mood so i was kinda on some 'fuck everybody, if you aint with us you against us' shit, but that was a result of thinking too much about a problem as opposed to an answer.

TM has always been self managed, always regardless of what anybody has been led to believe. we have had help/consultation in certain periods but at the end of the day it always boiled down to me and von on aim and me making a phone call to ilyas, thats about the size of it. it has kept us in a smaller box than id like to be in and its not very profitable but when something works out its rewarding as hell. that said i would not be averted to outside management from a seasoned professional or grind heavy upstart. that not the answer that i mentioned in the first paragraph but it damn sure would alleviate some of the burden. we did have one guy show some interest but son was flakier than special k in a blizzard. i doubt he reads my blog but if he does he knows it and its no hard feelings, thats just the impression he gave after what, 3 missed meetings and countless games of phone tag. nobody is that busy and if they are that just means you arent that important to them, duly noted.

ive been having alot of inspired conversations by accident lately and they all are kinda pointing me in a certain direction, i wont tell you where they are leading me. i will jsut start walking and if i see anything noteworthy along the way ill mention it, otherwise expect a few postcards when i get there (god i love cryptic analogies) i will say this tho, hopefully this place im *not* talking about will help me condense all of my scattered talents and let them work for not against me. i think i just confused myself two.

on a lighter note i got paid 3 times yesterday and there are at least 2 very dope parties this weekend. i have to dance before monday or else. maybe ill be back between now and then. they are scheduling interviews at my job for the position i am working in, talk about sux to your asthmarr... its a long story and i dont feel like goin into it

i heard 2 songs from suburban sprawl and i think this shit is gonna shock the world, seriously i may ask a few ppl for features so that its not just me and shaynie*** rappin. but yeah man its gonna be dope, it probably will warrant a physical pressing and i talked about that a few paragraphs up but ill leave 2 and two for you to put together and in other music news im on the forthcoming foundation album. also featured on this album are bilal, strange fruit project, chip fu, stokely from mint condition, meshell n'dgeocheolo (sp?), james poyser, robert glasper and a buncha other niggas. this in combination to brian coleman shouting out tanya morgan in his new book 'check the technique' has kinda made my day and given me reason to smile, big. one day soon imma recap all the good musical happenings that are goin on instead of blarghingayarahaking about whats not working.

im gonna be making a pair of jean and khaki shorts this weekend too... WILLIE'S BILLYSBURG REVENGE STRIKES AGAIN! scarf in the summer? unheard of... im cuttin some of this hair tho, i been thinkin about shavin the stash for old times sake in the name of assfaced murdering. where is the hawk when you need it...

*i dont know how to list our profile name here, just search
**again just run a search for the name tanya morgan
***i typed your name in my blog because you always ask me if i blogged about you. this has been a test of the 'do you read the blog i write' agency.


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