Wednesday, July 04, 2007

let your inner winehouse out

does anybody else find it ironic that her last name is winehouse and she is a notorious drunk? i wonder does she look online, i'd hate to be that person who logs on to concrete loop and see a picture of myself doing something like this:

thats GOT to suck... take for instance last night. i got kinda drunk but if you throw in a few paparazzi it would look like i tore the city down. well i kinda did.

im back in cincinnati with von pea and of course ilyas (he lives here) and we rolled out to the club last night. i got drunk and then danced a lil bit then we headed to a hookah bar. i dont know if you have ever smoked a hookah but that shit got me all kindsa fucked up. you ever seen that donald duck cartoon where huey duey and luey or some shit get caught smoking cigars so uncle donald makes them smoke boxes and boxes of cigars till they turn green in the face and get all sick. yeah it was kinda like that, just blech... i had a good time tho

i got to meet the alot of cats on the local scene including buggs and the illuminati camp and of course i saw my family (that includes long time friends)

we head to detroit for cityfest tomorrow and and we got like 2 shows i think there. should be a good time. im gonna go watch the charm school reruns until its time to get up and go to the cook out (andafterthatweecangoOUUUUUUT!)

man bootz aka larissa on charm school is a bitch, i really dont like her on this show at all, damn shame that somebody that pretty can act that ugly


Filthy said...

you shoulda linked this.

Sandy said...

love the DW dance.

Whats worse though... the DW dance when you're half in the bag or Darrin's Dance Grooves, when you're NOT?



Rodrigo said...

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nichole said...

or maybe you should've linked this:

or maybe this:

Angie said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Freeman.

your ass is showing.

a lazy sandy

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

great throwback video!

Fresh Daily said...


ah, ju so FUNNY!