Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a blog about a commentor

sometimes i go back and peruse my comments to see if i missed anything. most recently i found this gem regarding me and tay zonday

Mica said...

"real talk? i thought the person in this vid was you when i just saw the screen shot before the video are WAY MORE attractive than the dude though, you guys just happen to share the same skin tone, a love of hats and a fondness for mics..."

lol... TAY DONDAY!?!? i guess i do kinda look like him :/ if i had photoshop i would proceed to further embarass myself lol. wait til i get a video camera! you guys are gonna be begging me to stop lol

I told fresh that i couldnt fulfill my part of the no work lp because frankly i have too much goin on and between TM, ILWIL and personal obligations i just couldnt do it. of course its all love and fresh is still that nigga, but you know sometimes you just gotta be honest with yourself and the people you are around man.

other than that nothing too interesting is swingin this way unless you wanna talk about registering songs with bmi and tracking down the producers to negotiate percentage splits or emailing dj's/promoters/etc about why they need to know about TM or managing the content of all these damn profiles and regularly tending to them or maybe coordinating your booking with previous bookings and trying to get a train off one track and onto another, hell even feelin out a new business relationship. notice i said nothing about writing and recording anything... i need an assistant


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Mica said...

Oh wow, I've inspired an entire blog post, I feel so honAred...well, like 1/3 of the blog post, but i'm still happy.

since i'm in the business of inspiring, you should post this on your blog and then talk about embarrassing TM stage moments, it could be the blog spot of the year:

no for real though, keep posting up interesting stuff, its always fun to check out what you have to say...