Sunday, June 10, 2007


Since i cut my hair into this mohawk von keeps callin me future don. Me and fresh were over here workin on some stuff and when we hooked up with von he said that we looked like we came to warn him about his present decisions or somehting. maybe i just made that up. why does my head look so small compared to my body/hand... :(

This is von pea in buffalo the day after that first shot was taken. We stayed up all night and slept on the short bus ride into buffalo. when we got there von said 'hey lets go in that comfort in and get some continental breakfast' so i was like cool. that is him in the act of making a stolen waffle. Stolen food tastes better than paid for food.

This is Dundas Square in Toronto. I think thats what its called. It was a pretty large stage and we worked the crowd well. Great show. There were like 3-4 ppl who were there early to see us and and we chopped it up with them afterwards. I'd like to shout out hannah & her girl, gia, the guy who wanted to buy sunset and the guy who needs a small tm shirt, you kick ass.

This is the bidet that was in shadi's house. She did a great job of making sure we were where we needed to be on time and she likes the movie pretty in pink. So much so that she made us ride around in the rental playing the DVD* She also had some very delicious watermelon. Damn that was some good melon

This is a bus that had spec's name on the back of it. I thought it was pretty dope so i took a photo of it. the boogie bus.

this is the thing i found in the trash at the cookout that i ended up taking on stage with me for our last show of the night. i dont really know what the point of it was but hey its always fun to do shit like that because well i can. i called it my date and i even dry humped it during 'and you say' i know at least one.. er two people got a kick out of it.

im tired as shit man, im gonna go lay down cus i got a long week ahead of me.

*until somebody comes here to prove otherwise this is my story and im sticking to it.


Sandy said...
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DjERM said...

Fresh Daily's get up is the shit, haha!

the girl from toronto with the bidet said...

"So much so that she made us ride around in the rental playing the DVD"


don't worry, i won't blow your cover...we'll just pretend it was all my idea (wink wink) took a picture of the bidet?!!! lol!

Fresh Daily said...

um, u do know I have a blog on here too...?
link me fool!