Thursday, June 21, 2007

the show must go on..

so a while back brooklyn bodega sent out an email blast saying that the june 21st event was cancelled. me and my not from new york ass just assumed it was the performance, well von assumed too so we took it off myspace and everything. but i do remember somebody saying something along the lines of 'i dont think the performance is cancelled' and im all adamant like NO ITS CANCELLED NIGGA I KNOW WHAT IM TAUMBOUT! IM TAUMBOUT PRACTICE NIGGA! PRACTICE! and they got all 'well you do know best huh :/

wrong... WRONG! (c) cholly murphaaaaay

i just got a call from the brooklyn presidents office saying that we are set to perform at 6:30 right after emily king. and i was like 'wait i thougth this was cancelled.' she goes 'oh no you have this confused with the boost mobile event'. egg on my face (speaking of egg the bodega on fulton and throop makes THE BEST breakfast sandwiches but they fucked up and put cheddar cheese on my shit instead of american, gross)

so i wheel back call von and che grand (cus incase you didnt know che is a member of the group now too) and tell them the situation. good thing we have a set on standby to do adn we are ready to rock but its just the fact of the matter. we woulda been CRAZY off point and imagine if i woulda took that bessinger gig in central park. FUCT! im so glad he aint have no more room on his team, i mean i could definitely use the money but you know...

so i will say this if you came to see us at the brooklyn best festival (which you didnt) then we are doing the same set. i will be selling t shirts tho for ppl who want them... HOLLA!

okay i had actually wanted to get some recording done and cleaning and i THINK im waiting on a package from puma but im not sure if it will get here in time...

okay and if you readin this and wanna see the show?

come out and show your face... ITS FREE!

its at Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon St (at Court St)

dont know how to get there?

take the 4,5 to borough hall and its right there!

you can also take the M,R,2,3 and walk towards livingston until you hit joralemon st


i didnt get the gig at *** so i will not have any grocery money
this is most saddening


Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

deleting previous comment, in light of *** not hiring...

Anonymous said...

You not having grocery money makes me sad. Can I donate to get you some bread, turkey, water and lettuce? (Those are my staples, so I assume they're everyones.)