Monday, June 25, 2007


working for the man sucks...

i need to start a to do list right now, maybe right here

*songs to finish up*

- lets hit the cookout has to be done. PERIOD.. you are late (pause?)

- background vocals on lifes pie
- add 12 bars to fly sneaker shit
- record to that illmind joint

- finish song with piakhan
- record abstract and write for the other beat thieves joints

- finish song with pytel on the hook
- fix hook on too much grind

- record the songs for manipulated with spec
- PIRACY PIRACY PIRACY: do i do, cassie, chic... PLEASE
- pay attn to suburban sprawl, its almost done

if you see me online in the next few days ask me why im not recording, i have no time to waste right now :/


Robert Cave Jr. said...

- add 12 bars to fly sneaker shit

*cough*cough* AHEM NIGGA!

Donald Williams said...

i forgot to add send spec the finished demo

i didnt tell you you were on the song? lol... i even shout out loosie in my verse

no shit

Randy said...

oh shit Piakhan, i only really know dude cuz of Reflection Eternal, thats like perfect for that guest you mentioned for TMs album that 'fit'

and you need to release some piracy shit, No More was great, what about that grocery money tho

Sandy said...

PIRACY!!!! NOW!!!!

DJ Low Key said...


Just remember all caps when you spell the joint's name (c) Doom

I got you all the songs we talked about, right?

Also, hit me up with a Beat Thieves 2 update sometime...

Donald Williams said...

so if i am reading this right you guys want me to reprioritize and bump piracy up in the ranks


Sandy said...

I want Piracy for selfish reasons. finish whats nearly done first.

Shoot just finish something.

Typed with hate... you nosy ass folk.