Friday, June 29, 2007


rappity rip rap hippity hop dont stop...

so a while back before i was workin for *** i was gettin work thru this temp agency. well the assignment they gave me (if you go back and look for the photo's of me turning into a big ass bottle of vodka it was that job) ended very abruptly (as most temp jobs do) and it left me reeling for like a week.

so the temp agency scrounges me up one more day of work via the old job i was working and i accept. well you know when it rains it pours and the next week i got an offer from *** to come in and work for an indefinite amount. what would YOU do? i cancelled with the temp (last minute i may add :/ thats where i lost) and went to work for ***. so after *** gave me the shaft i called up the temp agency again and they STYLED on me like this:

them: hello, temp agency
me: hey may i speak to clara?
them: who's calling?
me: donwill
them: um, she no longer works with the temps, she only does PERMANENT PLACEMENTS*
me: um okay well i was calling to let you all know my availability
them: okay we'll put you on the call list

*aka nigga you fucked up nigga

that was months ago, fast forward to today and i will just say famine will make you do some strange things. i just called them again, fuck that. i dont care i need something man or else new york will win, and in the words of che grand "i aint get this far to get by"

musically im at my best right now, highest output in years, and its all quality but im low, real low. spirits and financially. somethings gotta give here and all that 'you'll be okay' 'things will get better' 'you'll be fine' 'things will turn around' shit that people be sayin sometimes i feel like is just a conversation changer. like 'nigga change the subject cus my life is great and you are depressing me'. well not from everybody but im sayin man how many times can you hear 'you'll be fine' when you actually in fact are not fine and dont see a plateau anywhere in sight?

i called the bartending school's job placement person but they wont be in til monday so whatever, ill try then. im just hoping that this check gets here by tuesday (which i know it wont) this traveling shit is kinda nerve racking cus im not home long enough to tend to my personal business. im kinda glad its slowing down to be honest, i need to figure out my personal finance situation.

so yeah thats where im at people, if you are reading this and can get me a job please feel free to help me out. actually i think i will begin to detail my jobsearch in full here. who knows, all this time i spent typing i coulda been looking for a job...

this just in:
... :/
but all good things must, so i wont sweat it (c) q tip
sounds nonchalant, but its really not
the bad news just dont stop
i swear the way life sucks she needs to put out a porn.


Angie said...

I feel you, I feel you...I am going through the same ish right now....

Sandy said...

put me back mofo.


Now change the subject nukka 'cause MY life is peachy and you're depressing the FOCK outta me

Life's releasing a BUKKAKE dvd next week.