Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy birthday to me

yup... thank you for all the texts and emails

today is supposed to be a day of reflection and when i think about the past few years i cant lie man, im pretty damn proud of myself. seriously like who would have imagined this would be me right now? I use this blog to complain alot and vent but not today, not at all. because my life is not bad. my life is actually kinda good and i understand how from the outside lookin out ppl can think its pretty cool.

i am becoming the person i want to be, writing my own story and thats some crazy shit when you sit back and reflect on it. im more or less living out my dream but the funnything is in the past month ive had at least 2 people tell me im too old to not have a stable life but both of them were advising me from a very jaded place. you ever had a wistful person tell you to give up? like a person that let go of their dreams tell you to let go of yours? its weird, real wierd. i chalk it up to misery loving company.

My dad/mom sent me a very touching card, like this had to be honestly one of the best cards i have ever received for my birthday, ever. and knowing what he is going thru i can tell he is proud of me for trying to follow my heart/dreams. I have reread it twice and i think im gonna read it again after i blog this.

i spent the first few hours of my birthday making ends meet and now im over here just sitting, taking it all in, trying on this new year. I think im gonna go take a shot of jack (holla back) while i wait to see if UPS will follow the orders i posted on my door because my doorbell dont work. i REALLY dont wanna drive to ups and pick up my package.

i think ill spend the rest of my day working. im suppposed to be hookin up with fresh daily to work on our lp and i have a bunch of other shit to record. ill take a break when i touch colorado. i consider that my birthday party. okay maybe i will relax a lil today while i do work related shit lol

ps - whoever stole my NICE ASS $30 umbrella from times square i hope you get splasshed by a VERY large puddle. fuckface.


DJ Low Key said...

>>>>>>ill take a break when i touch colorado. i consider that my birthday party.

There's gonna be a RIDICULOUS amount of celebration on the 15th man. I don't think any of us are ready for what's about to go down.

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day man. Its Bam if your around beer on me (pause) I got a cell now 718 755 7956. Getting amped for BHF

tia said...

you are so old.

okp darrylclark said...

Flipping the bird at the cam ain't whats poppin dude! HAPPY BELATED B-DAY though dude, I hope you partied like a RAWK star and much success to you and TM, i'm living my dreams vicariously through your blog. Peace!