Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad Swag featuring Von Pea

I got these shirts in a gift bag at some new era party. They are both kinda hideous and I still managed to wear both. The new era hat i got is kinda ugly to lol... it was the party where they gave out the ugliest swag they could muster. it also turned into a pool orgy but i had left by then

I wore this one on a sunday doing nothing. It is by far the ugliest of both and the screenprinting on it is terrible. And its a pocket t. I mean can it get any worse?

I wore this one at our last show because it matches my San Juan Adidas Forums. Its not that bad, just really heavy thick ink. I mean i wont lie i dont really like it that much but im a sucker for a free shirt lol

what the hell is goin on in this picture? okay i need to get ready to head to canada. im tired as fuck and loopy.


tia said...

ol' wrinkled ass t-shirts.

Sandy said...

Che's Shirt is kinda terrible too.

Che Grand said...

yeah but what do you want for free.

Anonymous said...



Sandy said...

Sorry... I hate your shirt but I love me some Grizzy.

Hypothetically Speaking said...

Kung Fu anyone?

The t-shirt doesn't look so bad on. I wouldn't wear it though.