Monday, May 14, 2007

Stood up for a job interview


i got stood up and it may be my fault. So i got an email about my resume asking a general question and i replied. fast forward to friday while i was on the road i got an email asking if i would be available for a phone interview on monday at 2pm and i replied (via sidekick) that i was available. it is now 2:55 and counting, no phone call.

im certain my sidekick works because i have been using it for ever to send emails. for fucking ever. but who knows the error could have been on my part so at 2:20pm i sent an email from my gmail account asking if they were still going to contact me.


damnit man... i guess im just the hard knock kid over here. so now im watching my email like its the season finale to the sopranos. I think its pretty much over for today. They will email me back beause i responded nad nobody contacted me, at least thats what i think the HR dept of a major coporation would do. I got another job interview tomorrow and i promise to god im gonna wake up and be in the area of the interview a good 2 hours ahead of time drinkin coffee. dont these ppl realise how real it is for me over here? i guess not lol :/ somebody email em my blog and let em know i need my chips!

since i have typed this i got 2 emails, one from von and one from dj ohsokool, none from the potential employer. what kinda game are they playing? maybe they didnt mean eastestandard time. i know i didnt miss the call cus i have been watching my phone like a hawk...

somebody play mr telephone man for me, please.

in other news the shirts should be here by thursday i think so ill be shipping nad handling asap. didnt postage just got up again? 41 cents for a stamp is some bullshit. i pay bills online as much as i can. i had a nice weekend, wrote a few verses, copped some kicks and meant to post some pictures up...

man fuck that... why do i even need a job? this shit has kinda put me in a bad mood, the fact that i need a job and i got stood up for a potential interview. like for real, what kinda shit is that? i think i want to go get some coffee or something but i dont feel like spending no money.

can somebody drop by and bring me either a soy cafe mocha or a regular coffee with a shot of expresso.

imma go soothe myself....


Che Grand said...

its grand's last day @ grand they just told me.

Sandy said...

I forsee many drinky dranks being had between the 2 of you.