Thursday, May 24, 2007

so i went to get some wings and rice yesterday

from the local hood chinese spot (the wings are fucking incredible) and i order my white rice, broccoli and wings and fall back. just lounge in celebration that i finally sold that pda phone and this little girl coulnt have been older than 8 rolls up to the window really boisterous like and says "HEY LADY! LADY CAN I GET SOME FRIES WITH BBQ SAUCE ON EM!" she was waving this dollar around and i promise in her hand it looked like was the size of a paper towel. she was TINY.

so im just chillin thinkin about how good the day is goin in contrast to the day before and she turns to me and looks up at me (she came up to jjust above my waist, TINY!) and so begins our convo

Girl: you got any kids?
Don: huh?
G: kids, you got any kids?
D: *chuckles* no, why do i look like i do?
G: yeah
D: well i dont think i do, if i have em i aint met em yet
G: oh. *girl cracks a wide grin*
D: so you just was wonderin if i have kids? thats kinda random
G: you got a girlfriend?
D: yeah
G: whats her name?

so i got my food and stepped and told her "nice talkin to you, if i meet my kids ill tell you" and she says 'BYE". she was probably scouting men for her mother. its happpened to me before and its always the most adorable thing in the world in a sad kinda way. like she was goin daddy shoppin and was like 'he looks like he would could work'. lol...

I remember one lil guy at the middle school told me he wished i was his dad. i was like why? son (no pun intended) was like cus you be fly. you always got nice shoes on and when yall can wear regular clothes you have nice stuff on too. i was like well if you are my kid i would have to buy YOU stuff and id be lookin bummy. he was like I KNOW! we both laughed but he he meant it he was not joking. i noticed from our interactions that he kinda looked up to me in a fatherly way. like he was a BAD ASS but he minded me. it was weird

at anyrate im gonna go shower now. maybe ill have more stories after today


Anonymous said...

Feel like I'm missing out on all the fun.


Anonymous said...

forgot to say. no time to even read this entry.


RedHotMama said...

you know you want to teach again so you can abandon more children just as they start to look up to you.

dj harvey dent said...

I was at work and some little girl starting talking on my Nextel chirp asking, "Are you my daddy?" Everybody heard it.