Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lets talk about my June..

June 3rd is a TM show (VONDON!)
June 4th is my birthday + a lil work (IM TURNIN 26! HI MEGAN!)
June 6th is a lil work
June 7th is a job interview @ Columbia (3rd ones the charm? its my 4th since *** let me go)
June 8-9 is CANADA for 3 shows one with NOUVUEA RICHE (im smiling hard filthy)
June 14-16 is colorado for the low key/che grand/TM/ilwil - bday/release party extravaganza
June 21 is another TM show (VONDON?)
June 23 is BKHHF (VONDONIL!)

now inbetween those dates i have promised my free time away to Spec Boogie, Fresh Daily, Filthy, and some other shit im PROBABLY forgetting. i guess im a rapper now, and for once im not complaining at ALL :) well maybe just a lil bit... but if you know me you know i cant help it.

okay let me run to the post office so that sarah and jenna can show everybody that they tape TM


Anonymous said...

Yo where is the show on June 3rd.


Angie said...

Thats what I'm talking about!!! And...NC maybe in July?! :)