Monday, April 16, 2007

I need a caption

This weekend was kind of a blur, I honestly dont remember much of it. I didnt get any work done, well i did write like a verse and a half between doing these things i dont remember. I know i was drinking on friday and saturday the details are just sketchy. I do know im STILL tired and my upper body is sore. its probably some dull phantom pain, or maybe its just from sleeping on a futon. i honestly dont know, the important thing is that im on payroll for another week and my rent is paid.

the above photo is from the weekend before last tho, me and *her* went to breakfast and they brought me awesome amounts of liquid. please note how skimpy that cup of juice is, like whats the point?

So i got a few goals set to complete before the day is over:

- write 2 verses. the beats are in my head and the songs are LONG overdue, its alot riding on one of these verses actually
- compose an email blast for our mailing list. items of importance fixtape, i tape tm, upcoming shows
- work on my 'plan'. veiled in secrecy.. muhahahahaha...

lets just hope my work day is manageable

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Leeeet's Paaaaaahteeee!!!!

you do it. I can't say it in that wonderfully terrible Jamaican Dutch accent.